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Bhaktapur Development Project

Bhaktapur Development Project (1974- 86) was a multidimensional urban renewal and development project and had the objective to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Bhaktapur, one of the three royal towns in the Kathmandu Valley. Preservation and restoration of the monuments was one of the basic requirements of the people especially with regard to the daily ritual functions. During the first two phases of the project (1974-79) architects, planners and engineers both Nepali and German (including the author as the head of the restoration team) were able to renew more than 170 historical buildings including 30 major restoration projects based on a preservation concept. historical infrastructure such as lanes and water conduits were taken care of, too. Numerous buildings had to be adapted to future tasks of the population e.g. schools and uses to create income sources, mainly in the tourism sector. The publication gives background information on the general preservation aim on the one hand and deals with selected problems of restoration projects on the other. One aspect of the preservation of the cultural heritage is the promotion of craftsmenship, still amply available in Kathmandu Valley. Last but not least it has to be pointed out that there existed great awareness among the Nepalese government institutions who gave full support.

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