about the author

Raimund O.A. Becker-Ritterspach was born, 1942 in Berlin, and is an architect and scholar of building history. He was head of the restoration team of the Bhaktapur Development Project, Nepal, from 1974 - 79. His Ph.D thesis, Design Principles of the Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley - with particular reference to construction and form, was subsequently published in 1982 (in German).

Dr. Becker-Ritterspach has published a number of research projects, mainly in the field of Nepalese architecture, which were partly sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG). A recent book on Water Conduits in the Kathmandu Valley has mainly to be mentioned here. Between 1970 and 1979, the author was assigned to various projects, working with national and international organizations which are assisting developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Since 1980 until his retirement he has been employed in a senior position in the German building administration.